2008-2010 Eu project Creating Spaces - Art Bridge between EU and China

Creating Spaces – Art Bridge between EU and China


MA Program in Environmental Art at Aalto University,

School of Art and Design has been involved to the planning of Eco City and other 

projects with Chinese partners. One of the recent collaborations has been Eu project 

Creating Spaces - Art Bridge between EU and China, duration 5/2008-5/2010.

 The project Creating Spaces – Art Bridge between EU and China was based on artist 

exchanges between the city of Beijing and the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn and 

Stockholm. The project lasting two years consisted of three 3-month periods of artist 

exchanges and four management meetings. The idea of the project was to have chosen 

artists work together in partner cities under the concept of environmental art. The 

object of this project was to help to build a significant foundation for a long-term 

cultural cooperation between EU and China. The duration of the exchanges made it 

possible for visiting artists to work together with local artists for an intensive period, 

Chinese visiting EU partner cities and vice versa. 

The role of Aalto University, School of Art and Design was that of on an expert 

partner whose main focus was the artistic content of the project. This is why one of 

the main goals of this collaboration was to promote the possibilities of environmental 

art and to courage discussion around the main issues of environmental art – 

ecological, aesthetical and ethical questions. 

The environmental art has the possibility to deal with all kinds of global and 

environmental questions and problems at the field of the art. This is why 

environmental art is rarely confined into art galleries and museums, but is realised in 

public places where anyone can experience it. 

Creating Spaces had its realisation in different cities and cultures. The main activities 

and presentations took place in Beijing, China. 

The project was a significant footstep for the art collaboration between EU and China. 

Especially the important field of environmental art could combine different cultures 

for an art dialogue. One result of this project is the continuation of the exchange 

program between Tsinghua University and Aalto University. Fall 2010 there will be a 

visit of three Chinese artists to work for Environmental Art Master Course, “Butterfly 


The cooperating organisations: City of Helsinki Cultural Office (Finland), leader 

partner Aalto University, School of Art and Design (Finland), partner City of Tallinn 

Cultural Heritage Department (Estonia), partner City of Stockholm Cultural 

Department (Sweden), partner Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture (China), 

associated partner Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University (China)

The project was funded with support from the European Commission.

Markku Hakuri

Professor of Environmental Art, Expert Adviser of the Project 

Aalto University, School of Art and Design 

Department of Art / Environmental Art