The possibilities of Environmental Art

Symposium Berlin, 2014


Environment means responsibility

Art stands for freedom



The environment is the framework for all of our actions. It is the space 

that we actively operate in, changing the environment as we go. Today, the 

word 'environment' is used in many different contexts, from art to politics. The 

word has become a synonym for a growing worry about the future.

Art is a way of understanding the world, a language, a form of 

communication. Above all, art is knowledge of the world received through 

experience -  experiencing the world – past, present, and future.


The concept of Environmental Art is very extensive. Several different 

fields of art can be seen as environmental art. Examples include city art, land 

art, public art, site-specific art and community art. The definition of 

Environmental Art could perhaps be summarised as follows: "Environmental 

art is public act based on aesthetical, ethical and ecological questions." 

My presentation will introduce the MA program of Environmental Art at 

Aalto University and case studies and environmental art pieces made by the 

international students of the program.

The MA Program of Environmental Art in Aalto University challenges 

students to develop advanced artistic and conceptual skills for a wide range of 

spatial practices. The Program prepares students to pursue their work in a 

variety of professional fields, whether as independent artists or as 

collaborators in projects involving installations, landscape design, urban 

planning or community development. Today specially urban interventions are 

part of study program and students own artistic activity. “Art is a gift not a 


Markku Hakuri 

Professor, artist

Aalto University